An introduction to a blog no one asked for.


I’ve never been against blogs, but I always swore up and down that I’d never make a WordPress blog because “I’m a developer, I can make my own blog, blah blah blah”. Well, three years later and it turns out it takes a lot of spare time to build out a usable blog engine, an eye for design, and money to host the site…and in all honestly, you end up paying more, and (for me) getting a less maintainable blog, and frankly I’m not one for building something sub-par just to get something out there, so here we are, eating those words.

Since I skipped over this part, my name’s Trevor Hart, I’m a developer based in Springfield Missouri (That’s right, THE Springfield, Missouri), and I work for a company called Code Scientists (All content in this blog is not representative of the company…unless it makes you like the company). Let’s also just get this out of the way, I’ve only been in the industry in earnest for 2 years, and I’ve been programming for about 6 at this point, primarily I use C# with Asp.Net and Xamarin, but I’m a huge C/++ fanboy (my first languages), and dabble in native iOS and Android development as well.

Here’s where I put personal info, feel free to skip this whole paragraph. Aside from programming, I’m married to a female whose name I won’t put out there so she isn’t in the public eye, have a dog, do woodworking, study whatever random thing catches my attention to an unreasonable level, and if I pick up a hobby, you can count on me to be a total snob about it, even though I know basically nothing about most of them.

If you’re still reading at this point, you might be thinking “What’s this blog going to be about anyway?” Well…I’m not quite sure…definitely some Xamarin/Asp.Net related stuff (because that market isn’t over-saturated enough), probably some stuff about the start up world because being the first employee at a start up, I get the rare opportunity to watch a company grow from the very beginning, so I get to have some potentially interesting insights, and for now that’s all I can really think of. If I get into any other technologies (Linux Kernel development is looking interesting at the moment) I may do posts about those as well.

That’s all I’ve got for now, stay tuned.

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