Update 1

A quick update to address some upcoming changes.


No post for today, other than this update very briefly. I want to share some quick news with anyone who reads this blog semi/regularly to say that the Monday through Friday posts are going to be slowing down, at least for a while. From now on and for the foreseeable future I’ll be doing posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever do posts on Tuesday or Thursday like I’ve been doing, only that I’m going to take the pressure off myself to have to do it.

So why the change? There’s two main reasons, time and quality. I shared a post to Reddit the other day where I discussed how to use the disassembly window in Visual Studio. In that post, I made a bad comparison in my example, it was a small mistake, and it didn’t take anything away from the main point of the post itself, but people nonetheless tore me apart for it, and I don’t blame them. Whenever you read a blog, you expect to some degree that perhaps the content won’t be at an academic level, obviously. What you don’t expect though is information that’s either wrong or derived from the wrong thought process. What this blunder made me realize is two things; one, people value their time, and they don’t want to waste it reading something that is flat out incorrect, and two, and the second main reason for the change, is I pumped out content that was factually flawed in it’s content not because I didn’t know any better, the second the mistake was pointed out I knew instantly what was wrong, but because most of my posts for the week get written on Saturday and Sunday. It’s pretty tough to squeeze out 5 blog posts, sometimes more to get a little ahead, in one to two days. What’s worse is if I couldn’t get those posts done, I had to race the clock to get them done before my typical post time of 9:30 am cdt. Because of this, the content will sometimes be rushed and not well reviewed because I’m focused on getting to the next post.

All of this lead to two things that make me unhappy, unhappy readers, and lower quality content. I truly want to provide content that is beneficial to the developer community, and it bugs me when I get accused of pumping out content for the sake of ad revenue (which happened). To address this point quickly, yes, I run wordads on my blog, it has brought in a grand total of one penny to my name, I absolutely do not make good money on ads. To monetize this blog, I paid $99 usd, so I monetize the blog to give incentive to myself to keep writing content to grow the blog and pay for the year of WordPress premium, so yes I would love to make some revenue off of ads, but it is far from the reason I do this blog. Back to my original point though, I want to make sure that the content I put out is quality, and correct. I don’t feel I can pull this off while working > 40 hours a week, spending time with my family and friends, doing independent research, etc. so since I can’t magically make more hours in the day, something had to give, and the 5 posts a week was what I decided on. Ultimately I hope this will lead to more happy readers, and better content, because again the last thing I want to do is waste people’s time, so I apologize for the rushed content last week, and hopefully what’s coming in the future will make up for it. Thanks again for your support, until next time.

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