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C# 7.0 Type Checking With Inlined Variable Assignment

In this post I cover a new feature for type checking in C# 7.

C# Statics and How They Work

In this post, I discuss statics in C#, how they work, and some interesting uses for them.

Image Processing – Convolution

In this post I discuss convolution in image processing and provide a basic overview of the algorithm for actually doing convolution.

Working From Home – Pros and Cons

In this post, I discuss the pros and cons of working from home from the perspective of a software developer.

What is a Kernel in Image Processing? (ft. matrix arithmetic)

In this post I'll be covering what a kernel is in regards to image processing, and some basic matrix arithmetic to lay a foundation for future image processing posts.

How Grayscaling Works

The first of many posts of image editing and image processing, where I cover basic bitmaps grayscaling and grayscaling that accounts of the sensitivity of the human eye.


Day In The Life Of A Software Developer At A Startup

A simple post about my day to day life in the startup world.