Tag: Xamarin.Android

Shared Preferences in Xamarin Android

In this post I'll be discussing shared preferences in Xamarin Android, which is a caching mechanism for local app data.

Determining a Views Pre-Render Dimensions in Xamarin Android

In this post, I discuss a method for getting a views width and height before it ever gets rendered to the screen in Xamarin Android.

Swapping Multiple Fonts In Xamarin Android

In this post I'll be showing you the shortcomings of Android in regards to swapping fonts for views, and some code I've written for getting over these shortcomings.

Xamarin – Does It Save You Anything?

In this post I discuss the pros and cons of using Xamarin and whether I think it's a viable platform for developing apps.

Xamarin Android Dropbox API v2

In this post we look at how to implement the Dropbox API V2 in a Xamarin Android project via. the Dropbox.API NuGet package. We look at file I/O and authentication as part of this.

Xamarin Android Bitmaps Part 4 – Efficient Loading of Bitmaps

The fourth and final part of the Xamarin Android bitmap series, where we take a look at loading bitmaps efficiently.

Xamarin Android Bitmaps Part 3 – Bitmap Cleanup Methods

In this post I'll be sharing some code I use across my Xamarin Android apps for managing bitmap memory cleanup.